About JQuantity

JQuantity is a framework of classes for developing mathematical and scientific calculations which are either precise or have known precision.   The classes in the framework are based on the java.math.BigInteger class and thus are not limited in size or precision.   Rational numbers are stored as ratios, transcendental numbers are represented in their own domain, typically precisely.   Numbers can be associated with units, numbers can be complex and can be managed as matrices.   Numbers can be presented in a structured text class, which can in turn be rendered as a string of characters.   JQuantity has been and continues to be developed for the scientific, mathematical and educational community.

JQuantity is available free under an open source license (Gnu LGPL) , and is under active development by Rubecula Software.

For more detail about the philosophy and technology behind the JQuantity project, refer to the release 0.5 package notes.

Current Release

The current release is JQuantity 0.5 (status: alpha).  Most aspects of the framework are working and tested.  The sample application (a spreadsheet) is operational, though it has a long way to go before it rivals Excel.  Please see the current bug and feature lists for details on what is missing.  Comments, donations and/or help (especially with testing) would be most welcome.  Please see the project page for contact details.

News and Updates

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